Car Overview

  • Day Driver Allowance
  • ₹300/day + food & lodging expenses.
  • Base Fare
  • Mileage: Unlimited
  • Max passengers: 5
  • Fuel: Octen/Petrol
  • Max luggage: 1
  • Fuel usage: 5-6/100km
  • Doors: 4
  • Engine capacity: 1400 ccm
  • Deposit: 110.00 USD

Plan for a trip from Raxaul to Janakpur

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Bihar might be famous all around the world for being the place where Buddha got his enlightenment but you should know that there is one more thing for which Bihar is known all over the world- acting as an entry point to Nepal. Being surrounded by hilly areas and mountains, there are not many traveling options in Nepal and this is why people from all around the world use India and especially Bihar as a way to enter Nepa. And if you are in India then get ready for an amazing trip from Raxaul to Janakpur.

There are many cities in Bihar that are located on the Indo-Nepal border but not all of these cities get visited by tourists. Well, there is one such city that is very famous among tourists for entering Nepal and that is Raxaul. So, let’s understand every aspect of the trip from Raxaul to Janakpur so that you can build an impeccable plan and travel without any hassle.


One of the first things that anyone will look at before planning a trip is the distance between the starting point and the destination and this is what we are going to do in this case. You should know that the distance between Raxaul and Janakpur is around 161 km and the short distance between these two cities is what makes this trip famous.

Every month, thousands of people plan for a trip from Raxaul to Janakpur and it is the seemliness of this trip along with the affordability that makes this trip so famous.

Traveling options

Both the cities of Raxaul and Janakpur are well connected by roads and you don’t have the option of traveling by flight or train. Well, even on the roads, you get options like public transport and taxi services.

If you are ready to go through the hassle, waste time and money then you can go for public transport from Raxaul to Janakpur. There are many public transport buses that run between these two cities but public transport won’t be a good option for you.

A good way to travel from Raxaul to Janakpur will be taxi services. Taxi services will visit the nearest place to your location, and take you to Janakpur without wasting time and money. So, just find the best taxi service from Raxaul to Janakpur and go for it without any second thoughts.

Best places to visit in Janakpur

Janaki Temple

One of the best places to start your journey in Nepal is the Janaki Temple. This is less of a temple and more of a mahal and it gets visited by thousands of tourists every month.

Ram Sita Vivah Mandap

This place holds significant importance for Hindus since this is the same place where Lord Ram and Goddesses Sita got married. Even if you are not a Hindu, you must visit this place to explore its beauty.

Ram Mandir

There might be many temples all over Nepal but the Ram Mandir of Nepal holds a significant value and therefore, it must be on your bucket list.