Car Overview

  • Day Driver Allowance
  • ₹300/day + food & lodging expenses.
  • Base Fare
  • Mileage: Unlimited
  • Max passengers: 5
  • Fuel: Octen/Petrol
  • Max luggage: 1
  • Fuel usage: 5-6/100km
  • Doors: 4
  • Engine capacity: 1400 ccm
  • Deposit: 110.00 USD

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Give a visit to the living goddess

Staying in Kathmandu and not visiting the living goddess is surely a very big missed opportunity. You can get a glimpse of Kumari, a young Newar girl with no blemishes that has been chosen to the goddess Kumari as an incarnation of goddess Taleju. You should know that Newars are the original inhabitants of Nepal and they also organize a very mesmerizing festival.

Go for Pashupatinath

If you are looking for a religious site then Pashupatinath must be in your bucket list as it is among the four most popular religious sites that are dedicated to Lord Shiva. This beautiful temple was built in the 5th century and according to the believes, the site has been there from the beginning of the millennium when people discovered a Shiva lingam. It is located on the side of the Bagmati river and it is also the largest temples of Nepal.

Visit Swaymbhunath

If you are looking for peace and prayers then visiting Swaymbhunath becomes crucial. Located in the northwest of Kathmandu valley, tourists who find the original name difficult to pronounce have named this place the monkey temple. This place overlooks most parts of the valley and this is why it offers a bird’s eye view of the whole city. The very famous stupa has stood there as a hallmark of peace for Hindus from a very long time.

See the Garden of Dreams

Garden of Dreams is a peaceful oasis and it is the best place to spend some quiet time, away from the chaos of the city. This beautiful garden was restored after being disintegrated for years but it still looks very astonishing. This garden was built in the 20th century for a Field Marshal and after his death, it was handed over to the government. The size of the garden is almost 6,895 and it includes central ponds, flowers, small gardens, pavilions, and many other things.

Fly above the Himalayas

Not everybody can climb the Himalayas as it one of the toughest peaks to climb in the world but if you are visiting Kathmandu and looking to explore the Himalayas then you can surely fly above the Himalayas. There is no denial in the fact that the trip is not very cheap but it is surely worth it. The helicopter trip will last for about 45 minutes to an hour and you will be able to explore the best of Himalayas through this trip.

Go for outdoor activities

Adventure sports are surely one of the main attractions of Kathmandu and you should never miss it. Some of the most famous outdoor activities in Kathmandu are river rafting, mountain biking, rock climbing, and hiking or trekking. All these adventure sports don’t require years of training and you can go for them without any doubt.