Car Overview

  • Day Driver Allowance
  • ₹300/day + food & lodging expenses.
  • Base Fare
  • Mileage: Unlimited
  • Max passengers: 5
  • Fuel: Octen/Petrol
  • Max luggage: 1
  • Fuel usage: 5-6/100km
  • Doors: 4
  • Engine capacity: 1400 ccm
  • Deposit: 110.00 USD

This beautiful northern state of India is kissed by the Himalaya and decorated by the beliefs of Hindu pilgrim sites. Its major city Rishikesh is known for Yoga and was made famous by the band Beatles. The beauty of this state is that it has many different cities and sites to visit and each one of them holds its own uniqueness. The charming hill station holds the beauty of some quaint villages and this states also has the “Jim Corbett Tiger National Park” which is known globally for its tigers and other wild animals.

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If you want to witness the white beauty of the Himalayas then there is no any better place than Nepal. From skydiving to trekking, from bird viewing to shopping, you can do a lot of things in this country. The beautiful Nepal is known for its evening as it shows you some of the most awe-inspiring sites of nature. It has also been awarded as the best destination to travel in 2017 by Lonely Planet. The people here are very friendly and they consider the guests as their god. So witness the beauty of the mountains while enjoying its mouth watering dishes.

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Varanasi is one of the oldest cities of India and it still holds the essence of its early ages wrapped in the cover of modernization. The sacred Ganga river, the mesmerizing temples, the delicious street food and Hindu culture, all these things represent the city of immortal lord Shiva. You can either just sit on the Dasaswamedh ghaat and watch the memorable Ganga aarti or roam around the streets of Godaulia and witness the beauty of Indian streets and food. The city holds religion, philosophy, yoga, dance, music and many other inspiring values which can’t be matched with anything else.

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Lucknow is known for its style of nawabs and amazing food. It’s a city of royal people, royal food and royal places. The literature, cuisine, arts and tahzeeb of Lucknow keep this city unique from any other destination. If you are a non-vegetarian then this is a heaven for you as Lucknow has some of the best meat dishes which are famous in the whole country. The chikan embroidery and zardozi have given a immortal identity to this city. This royal city is also known for its wide range of beautiful parks.

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This city could turn out to be your dream vacation as this city has one of the greatest symbol of love in the form of the seven wonders of the world; Taj Mahal. Exploring the beauty of Taj Mahal is a heavenly experience and describing its charm through words is not possible. Apart from the Taj Mahal, there are several other monuments and sites which are worth your visit. So go and witness the beauty of the white and shining Taj Mahal while exploring and shopping through the streets of Agra.

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