Car Overview

  • Day Driver Allowance
  • ₹300/day + food & lodging expenses.
  • Base Fare
  • Mileage: Unlimited
  • Max passengers: 5
  • Fuel: Octen/Petrol
  • Max luggage: 1
  • Fuel usage: 5-6/100km
  • Doors: 4
  • Engine capacity: 1400 ccm
  • Deposit: 110.00 USD

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If you are a nature lover and looking forward to exploring the beauty of nature without spending a fortune then Nepal is surely one of the best places to visit, especially if you are in India. You must know that every year, people from all over the world visit Nepal in order to explore its natural beauty and if you are not going to do so even while being located so close to Nepal then you are surely making one of the biggest mistakes of your life.

Nepal is known for its mountains, never ending greenery and some of the oldest and historical temples. But this is just a glimpse of what Nepal has to offer you. If you are currently in India and planning to visit Nepal then you should plan for a trip from Darbhanga to Nepal. You must know that Darbhanga is considered as the starting point of India for entering Nepal.

We are going to discuss everything that you need to know about the trip from Darbhanga to Nepal.


If you are planning for a trip from Darbhanga to Nepal then one of the first things that you should look at is the distance between these two points. You must know that the overall distance between Darbhanga and Nepal is around 304 kms and it will take you around 8 hours if you will choose the best taxi service in UP. This is not a large distance as the roads are well connected from Darbhanga to Nepal and this is why you will not have to deal with many issues.

Travelling options

If you are a travelling fanatic then there are maximum chances that you must not be a big fan of travelling from planes since it limits your views and it limits the enjoyment as well. This is one of the main reasons why you should choose the roads if you are planning to travel from Darbhanga to Nepal.

There are many different types of taxi services available in UP that will provide you with professional and reliable taxi service and the best part is that most of these taxi services will fit like a glove in your budget.

Best places to visit in Nepal

Kathmandu- This is the capital city of Nepal and you must visit this city if you are planning for a trip from Darbhanga to Nepal. The Durbar Square along with the old-style buildings of this city are the main attractions. This is the best place to start your journey.

Bhaktapur- This city is also known as the royal city of Nepal and it is located on the old trade route of Tibet that is situated just outside of Kathmandu. There are many various places along with a long list of temples to explore in Bhaktapur.

Boudhanath Stupa- It is also located just outside Kathmandu and you will be surprised to know that it is one of the biggest stupas of its kind in the whole world. It was built around the 6th century and this is why it has a long history.